Okemo Transportation Serving NYC, Westchester & CT

Adventure Northeast Transportation Service



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Depart NYC at 7am

Depart Okemo at 1pm



Depart NYC at 6pm



Depart NYC at TBA



Depart NYC at TBA

Depart Okemo at 4pm


Pickup/Drop-off locations:

NYC location is Broadway & 96 street area (Lexington & 96 street area is the alternate)

Okemo Location: Cumberland Farms/Gulf 143 Main St, Ludlow, VT

                                                                Holiday Mondays are on a Sunday schedule                      

Travel time is 5 hours with good weather and no traffic


Special departure times are available for groups of 6 or more


For transportation reservations call 917-861-1800 or     purchase transportation tickets     ticket prices/fares     policies     Adventure Northeast Home Page